Outdoor Pool & Tennis Courts

Open Daily 12-7:45 PM (weather permitting).

Property owners and their guests must stop and sign-in at the area provided.  There is a fee for guests (of the property owners) per visit.  A family unit may bring up to 6 guests to the outdoor pool. Both pools are heated, fenced and gated.  Lawn chairs and benches surround the pool and are available for visitors to relax.

Baby Pool
There is also a heated baby pool fenced off and gated next to the larger pool.  In the middle of the baby pool is a fountain for the little ones to play in.  There are areas of shade and chairs for parents to watch their little ones.

Outdoor Recreation
Just to the right of the Club House pool are tennis courts, a pickleball court and a basketball hoop.  These are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Guests and Family Passes
For your family (other than your spouse or current Federal dependent children), property owners can bring their family to the facilities as guests without a family pass and pay a guest fee/person. A family unit is permitted a maximum of 6 guests at the pools, and is required to remain with them at all times. Guests must leave with the family unit.

But if a family member wants to use the facilities without the property owner, the property owner must obtain a family pass for them. Family passes are available to purchase at the Administration Office, Floral Valley, or the Marina.