Fitness Center

Fitness CardObtain your Fitness Access Card at the Administration Office, Floral Valley, or the Marina and Sign a Release of Liability form.

Access Cards are different than the AVPOA photo ID card in that they have a special chip inside that acts as a key to release the door when activated.



  • Administration Office
  • Floral Valley
  • Marina

Assessments must be paid to obtain access.

Cardio Machines and Strength Training
You can build up your endurance with the cardio machines at the Fitness Center as well as tone up with different weight machines that are available.  There are also hand-held free weights ranging from 5-50lbs, resistance bands, and a television for instructional videos that you may bring with you.

Access Card and Annual Membership Required
The Fitness Center is for use by Apple Valley property owners holding an access (proximity) card and their guest only.  This facility is not staffed and must be accessed by proximity card using the door at the rear of the Club House.

To gain access, each property owner must complete a “Release of Liability” form and obtain an Access Card from the Administration Office, Floral Valley or the Marina.  Access cards may not be shared.  To regain access after using the locker rooms/restrooms or entering the vending area, an access card must be used, so please keep it with you at all times.

No one under 14 years of age will be permitted in the fitness room, and should only be in the playroom while parents/guardians are using the equipment.

Guests and Sign-In
A “family unit” (see Bylaw Article 1, Section 1.7 for definition of family unit) may not bring more than two (2) guests.  Guests are subject to a same per-day user fee that will be charged to the property owner’s member account.  Invoices may be mailed when the balance exceeds $10.

All guests must be signed in by the property owner who holds a card.  Only guest names are required on the sign-in sheet and they need to complete a “Release of Liability” form provided, which may be left for a staff member to pick up.

A property owner in good standing who does not use his/her own card for entry is considered a guest for purposes of signing in so that attendance can accurately be tracked.  Property owners are responsible for their guests and may not allow their guest(s) to remain in the facility without the property owner’s presence.

Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms
Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms each have bathrooms, lockers, sinks, showers and benches.  Locks may be used, but may not be left on overnight.

Children’s Play Room
Children are required to stay in the playroom during your workout.  You can keep an eye on them through the door/window of the playroom.  The playroom has a TV/VCR with cable and play items.  It is recommended to bring toys, books or videos to keep you child entertained.