Lake & Beaches

The lake is 3.25 miles long.  There are 9.25 miles of shoreline, one mile of which is common area (for all property owners).  This man-made lake reached full pool by Spring of 1972 and is formed by Little Jelloway Creek, various active springs and drainage from the surrounding areas.  The lake measures approximately 511 acres and has an average depth of 30 feet.  WARNING:  In the winter, if the lake is frozen, the ice may not be safe, proceed at your own risk.

Many property owners enjoy boating on the Apple Valley Lake for leisure, water skiing and fishing.  All boats must have Ohio registration and Apple Valley decals.  You can obtain Ohio registration at the Apple Valley Marina and Apple Valley decals at the AVPOA office or the Apple Valley Marina.  All kinds of boats (except houseboats & submarines) are permissible on Apple Valley Lake (See boat size restrictions in LAKE RULES).  There are four boat launches and several common docks for temporary docking.

Fishing is a very popular hobby at Apple Valley Lake.  You must have a fishing license to fish at Apple Valley. The closest places to obtain a fishing license are the Apple Valley Marina, Walmart or Pier 36.  The lake was originally stocked in 1974 and 1975 with Walleye, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Channel Catfish.  The lake is restocked yearly by the Apple Valley Property Owners Association and the Apple Valley Fish & Restocking Club.  Walleye, Saugeye, Small and Largemouth Bass make this a premier lake for sport anglers.  Crappie, Shell Crackers, Bluegill and Yellow Perch are plentiful for family fishing.  The fish club in conjunction with the Lake Committee asks that all Crappie caught being under 9 inches in size be released back into the lake.

There are three beaches available for swimming:  Sutton Beach, Davis Beach, and King Beach.  If you prefer pool swimming, Apple Valley has an indoor pool at Floral Valley Community Center and an outdoor pool at the Club House. A family unit is allowed 10 guests at the beaches and 6 guests at the pools.

Family Passes and Guests
For your family (other than your spouse or current Federal dependent children), property owners can bring their family to the facilities as guests without a family pass and pay a guest fee/person. But if a family member wants to use the facilities without the property owner, the property owner must obtain a family pass for them. Family passes are available to purchase at the Administration Office, Floral Valley, or the Marina.